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Enroll to Grow Canada

For almost 2000 years the Apostolic Christian church has been there… helping, encouraging, and supporting those in need. 

We know in today’s world the need is even greater, therefore we at Enroll to Grow wish to offer you and your family access to many Apostolic programs, services and helps for emotional, physical and spiritual support.


There is support, there is hope and there is help for you and those you love.


Enroll to Grow is a unique program that gives you access to all of your local and online Apostolic services within Canada through our vast network of Canadian Apostolic Churches and organizations, services that you may not be aware of.

Enroll To Grow will help you and your family:

      • Grow your local Canadian Apostolic community connections
      • Grow your family friendly social media connections
      • Grow your connections to many local and online services and helps – see the full list below.

It’s Free to Enroll

It’s simple – just fill in your information in the form below and you will be contacted by a local team worker to give you access to all your services locally – depending where you live, and the services offered, you and your family can access many local free resources and helps as well as a vast network of online products and services.

Your privacy is extremely  important to us, only your local representative(s) of Enroll to Grow will see your entry.

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I understand that the ETG Network takes my personal privacy seriously and that they will never share or sell my information to a third party at any time, for any reason. Permissions are only granted to trained ETG representatives to ensure the receipt of products and services.

Please Note:

As soon as you hit the "submit" button you will be redirected to your first Apostolic product - a complete Apostolic blogging site called, Special Space. Please enjoy all the music, Christian movies, videos and blogs features there.

This is your first free service, enjoy, Special Space.ca!


Depending in where you live in Canada, your enrollment with the Enroll to Grow Network may give you access to many resources, including but not limited to:

Local Access:

      • Access to Local Family Life Conferences.
      • Youth Programs
      • Senior Programs
      • Children’s Programs
      • Baby and Children Dedication services
      • Celebration of Life – Counselling and services
      • Free In-home Bible Studies (non-denominational)
      • Biblical and Spiritual Counselling
      • Family Counselling
      • Biblical Financial Counselling and Help
      • Pre and Post – Marriage Counselling
      • Preform Weddings, Funerals, and Baby Dedications
      • Rental Space for Wedding and Celebration of Life events
      • Water Baptisms
      • Prayer teams and prayer chains for the sick, shut-ins and emergencies
      • Hospital Visitation
      • Prison Visitation
      • Home Visitation and Blessings
      • Access to Local House Churches
      • Access to Local Community Churches
      • Access to Local Community Care and Share Programs and Resources i.e. food bank registration, doctor referrals etc.
      • Refugee and Immigrant English Classes
      • Refugee Forms and Letters
      • Summer Camp Programs, for families, children and teens.

Online Access:

If there is currently not a local Apostolic Community in your area… we offer Online Access to:

Ordained Apostolic Pastors, Teachers, Biblical Counsellors and  Ministers  for:

  • Online Prayer for the sick and shut in
  • Online Biblical and Spiritual Counselling
  • Online Biblical Family Counselling
  • Online Biblical Financial Counselling and Help
  • Online Biblical Pre and Post – Marriage Counselling

Additional Online Access to:

  • Online free In-home Bible Studies (non-denominational)
  • Access to Online Church Services, Conferences, Webinars and Prayer meetings
  • Access to Discipleship Classes, teaching and training for all levels.
  • Access to Christian Online and Business services, products and resources
  • Immediate access to our Apostolic Online Bible Study, Video and Blogging Site – Special Space.

These services may be free or have a small fee depending on the local or online apostolic service being provided.

All services are without obligation.