Church Registration

Evangelizing Canada with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is our heart and passion, but we have seen that people seeking to find an Apostolic Pentecostal church in Canada are having a difficult time finding a church in their area.

At Enroll To Grow – we want to help eliminate that problem by helping them find you.

Currently, we have a general site that provides us with live contacts and leads, and when they are from your city… we will contact you directly!

At this time you are on our list for service, and your link is available to begin sharing through  Google, Facebook, or any other social media outlet or with physical pamphlets and tradition door knocking with direct sign ups,

The general page outlines the Apostolic and Church services that  any Apostolic Church may provide.

You  are already part of this service

if you live in Canada

These contacts go directly to your email or you will receive a phone call from Enroll to Grow.

Also if you minister in a town or city of 2000 or more within Canada your city is also registered and you can share the link now…

Example…   www.enrolltogrow/(add any Canadian town or name your here)


However… there is even a better way…when you register your church with Enroll to Grow you will receive instant notification when someone signs up, and you can then direct the contact instantly to your Evangelism team.

Check out the pilot project here- it includes, all graphics, web links,  prayer guides, city breakdown, prayer meetings, and other evangelism tools, forms etc.

At ETG we do all the set up for you and can walk you through campaigns to make the experience even more brand, city or event specific.

A one time donation is a great help with this added service but not required to create your links and pages to connect seekers in your city to you.

We also understand that not all churches are able to make a donation, and our mission is still to help you grow your church, so please contact us directly if you are a home missionary or if your church is under the 25 person mark.

1 (306) 867-9193

You don’t limit bullets in a war!

For brand specific events or city wide evangelism just register your Church here by filling in the form below and we will be with you shortly.

If you are financially able or wish to sacrifice for the evangelism within Canada…your donation to our parent charitable organization, the

Rev. D. L McQuinn Memorial Foundation Inc.,

would be a great boost and it helps  to support our online evangelism as well as helps to fund Apostolic Connections within Canada.

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